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In the late 70’s, my grandparents operated a produce stand Dowdy’s Market and Country Store. Inside was a wonderful combination of homemade jellies, jams, vinegar, and fresh produce. It was also a great place for everyone in our large family and close-knit community to congregate and solve the world’s problems. My grandmother, Elsie Dowdy had a kitchen set up in the back of the market, and every day customers could smell the delicious, heartwarming simmering goodness coming from her old stock pot.  

Forty years later, we at Outer Banks Gluten Free Baker offer the same charm and aura of Grandma Elsie’s jellies and jams. We believe that jams should be authentic and different from other options on the market. As such, some of our distinctive combinations have changed considerably from Grandma Elsie’s traditional homemade jellies (some recipes are exactly the same), but just like hers we source our ingredients from produce grown in our garden and by local farmers. We use only the finest ingredients and produce small, handmade batches of our jellies and jams.

Made From Only Natural Ingredients:

Our goodies are made from the freshest fruit and produce, real cane sugar (no high fructose corn syrup), organic when available, and non GMO ingredients. Some of our distinctive options are Southern Onion Marmalade, Love In A Jar, Apple Butter, Hot Pepper Jellies, and Jezebel Sauce.

Previously, our jams and jellies could only be purchased through various farm markets and co-ops. We had an overwhelming request for our jellies online.
You can now buy our jellies and jams on our website. Call us at 252.619.2332 or email us at for any questions. If you do not see what you are looking for, do not hesitate to call. We may be able to create something just for you!

Planing A Special Event?

We offer several customized jellies and jams that are uniquely packaged. We can individualize jars for Christmas, weddings, and special events. 



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    Strawberry Hot Pepper Jelly

    Strawberry Hot Pepper Jelly--- (Merry Berry Hot Pepper Jelly)   Strawberries add a delightful twist to our Original Hot Pepper Jelly. Made from organic hot peppers grown in our garden, make this...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options

    Summer Wine & Strawberry Jam

    Summer Wine & Strawberry Jam Summer Wine & Strawberry Jam is a refreshing combination of fresh strawberries and Merlot. This is so scrumptious on baked brie, soft cheeses, and my favorite...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options

    Southern Jezebel Sauce

    Southern Jezebel Sauce--- This is a true taste of the South. Combining fruit with horseradish and ground mustard, this sauce is fabulous as a cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving, and on turkey...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options

    Hot Pepper Hawaiin Laua

    Hot Pepper Hawaiian Luau--- This pineapple twist on a Southern classic made from hot peppers and green bell peppers grown in our garden will become a family favorite! Serve with crackers and...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options

    Orange Marmalade Hot Pepper Jelly

    Orange Marmalade Hot Pepper Jelly-- This jelly takes days to make, but it is so worth the trouble. Intense orange flavor combined with homegrown hot peppers. Delicious on toast, bagels, and...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options

    Tomato Basil Caprese Sauce

    Tomato Basil Caprese Sauce--- Made from fresh tomatoes, basil, and onions grown fresh in our garden, this sauce is amazing!  For an impressive appetizer, add this to your Caprese salad and...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options

    Peach On Earth Pepper Jelly---(Peach Hot Pepper Jelly)

    Peach On Earth Pepper Jelly--- (Peach Hot Pepper Jelly)--- A tasty twist to our Original Hot Pepper Jelly. This jelly is pure peachy sweetness with a zing. Wonderful on hot biscuits,...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options

    Apple Butter

    Apple Butter--- Apple Butter is a traditional spread on toast, bagel, and biscuits (with melted butter)! Our apple butter simmers for 10 hours, and is scrumptious with its full flavor of...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options

    Mulled Merlot Blueberry Sauce

    Mulled Merlot Blueberry Sauce--  In this wonderful combination, every ingredient can be tasted and enjoyed. This sauce is fabulous on soft cheeses, baked brie and pastry, and on toast. It is...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options

    Holiday Jam

    Holiday Jam-- This jam is wonderful during the holidays, it comes decorated with Christmas cloth and a bell or ball ornament. Send it to a friend or use as an appetizer...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options

    Love in a Jar

    Love in a Jar---  This jam contains every necessity for a first date...… wine, strawberries, and roses! This delicious jam is wonderful on biscuits, toast, or English muffins. It is also...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options

    Hot Pepper Jelly

    Hot Pepper Jelly--  This is a classic Southern favorite made from green peppers and hot peppers grown in our garden. This jelly is especially popular around Christmas, served with crackers and...

    $ 6.50 – $ 40.00 Select optionsSelect options