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Let Them Eat (GF) Cake!!

Let Them Eat  (GF) Cake!!

Let Them Eat (GF) Cake!!---

Outer Banks Gluten Free Baker has been a dream of ours since we removed gluten from our diets in 2005 when we found out our girls had celiac disease. Consequently, my sister and I found out we had celiac disease also. What was truly ironic was the fact that we had a very successful restaurant that showcased home cooked baked goods since 1996 and sold in 2002. 

 In the beginning of our quest for yummy gf treats the food was tolerable, we would buy expensive gluten-free products and it was a frustrating trial and error. Delicious gf baked goodies were the most difficult to find, especially when the tasters happened to be 10 and 7 years old little girls. 

We felt that the girls deserved the opportunity to enjoy fresh home baked goodies, and we began putting our experience to good use and set out on a mission to develop the yummiest "gluten free" baked goods imaginable. We have tweaked and fine tuned traditional family recipes that have been handed down generation after generation. There is nothing that exemplifies love like cake!


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